50 years ago, the LGBTQ+ community took a stand against discrimination and violence from police during a raid on a bar in New York City. It's been highly contested who was the first person to call for the riot; who threw the first brick, or glass, or punch- and sometimes I feel like that takes away from an important message of that event.


While individual people can do amazing things on their own, the reason the Stonewall riots were so successful in the movement towards queer liberation is because everyone there stood together and fought for what was right. Despite the whitewashing of the movie, 70% of the people there that night were people of color, and they worked together as a family to protect each other and keep each other safe.


This pin was designed as a symbol of those riots, and of politically queer culture at large. It's a reminder to allies that Pride WASN'T a party, and STILL ISN'T in much of the world, including in the United States. This violence is still happening to us, and it didn't all stop in a bar in NYC in 1969. And no, it didn't stop when same-gender marriage was legalized countrywide in 2015, either.


This symbol also serves as reminder to those IN our community who are white, cis, or male, that we could not, and would not, be where we are without the work of black trans women and gender nonconforming individuals. We need to repair the damage we've done to the intersectionally marginalized identities of our community, and we need to work hard at being that family who can work together to rise up against all of our oppressors again.

Know Our History - Enamel Pin

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  • 1.5" x 1.5", soft enamel, two pinbacks

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